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A Chance to Fund Clean Energy in Florida

Hows this for a good idea?

A Chance to Fund Clean Energy in Florida -- Painlessly!
Over $100-million's worth of clean energy for the price of a light bulb

We have an exciting opportunity in Florida to establish a Clean Energy Trust Fund that would provide money for clean energy and energy efficiency throughout the state. And it would do all this for the price of a light bulb!* We just have to let Governor Crist know how many of us want to see it happen.

Today, we do not have a workable method of funding renewable energy programs in the Sunshine State. The long-term commitments needed to spur growth in a new industry are repeatedly subordinated to urgent calls on the State’s general fund. But there’s a better way—a way successfully used by eighteen other states with strong public support. And it’s this: for a tiny charge on your electric bill (on the average residential bill, about 60 cents per month), the State could generate some $114 million for its Clean Energy Trust Fund.

What would this fund be used for? Principally:

To help Floridians buy clean energy systems and make energy efficiency improvements;
To stabilize market conditions for the clean energy industry in Florida;
To incentivize solar companies to locate in Florida;
To educate Floridians on clean energy and energy efficiency issues.
(To find out more about the Clean Energy Trust Fund, visit the Florida Clean Energy Campaign).

Why should we take on this extra charge, even if it works out to about four cups of coffee a year? Do we really need any more taxes?

Given that 10% of Florida’s electricity is powered by oil, the real answer to that question is that this program will lead to lower taxes. The more of our power that comes from clean sources, the less we'll be contributing to the absurd situation in which our taxes support:

rebates for already-rich oil companies
military protection of our overseas oil supply line
So for a negligible payment we can clean up our act and actually put a check on taxation.

This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to you; 80% of Floridians say they would pay up to $1 per month more to support solar power; this plan gives us solar and more for a lot less!
*For a charge equivalent to about 60 cents per year on the average residential electricity bill, this program can be adequately funded. For what that will cost you in a year you could buy and install a CFL bulb, which would pay for itself within that time and completely offset the new charge! Join Us and support this idea.
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